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What Makes a Morgan Silver Dollar a Good Investment

Morgan Coin Is A Good Investment

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If you’re looking for ways to invest in metals, bullion, either in ingot or coin form, is an obvious choice. Other than owning it outright, the only other ways to own metal is to buy a contract that gives you ownership of a store of metal held in a remote location or to buy stock in a mining company, both of which lack the tangibility that make these investments popular. If you’re interested in coinage, the Morgan silver dollar is a good choice. It’s the most collected coin in the world and, unlike many others, it’s actually available in a range of prices.

Coins are valued by their scarcity, their bullion and their condition. The Morgan silver dollar is very common for some years and all but non-existent for others. There are also certain series of the coins whose mint markings make them valuable. The proof versions of the Morgan dollars are the most valuable of all, and are among the most valuable collectable coins in general. There are several reasons to consider these for your investment choice. Convenience is not least among them.

Those who regularly buy metals don’t always feel like waiting around for a very rare coin to show up. The Morgan silver dollar specimens from years that are fairly common are good options in these cases. The more common coins can be purchased in quantities and have a few advantages over bullion. Principally, there is a premium on these coins above their bullion value. If their bullion value increases, they will increase in value, as well. If their bullion value drops, the coins still have value other than that of their bullion, and thus stand to lose less of their worth.

The Morgan silver dollar, ironically enough, was not at all popular when it was introduced. In fact, when the government resumed production of silver dollars in the 1920s, there were so many of these coins languishing in bank vaults that  it made it questionable whether or not producing more silver dollars was worth the effort. The dollars were made, however, and eventually the Peace dollar replaced the Morgan dollar. Today, the Morgan dollar is probably more popular than it has ever been in the past. Investors and collectors alike find them desirable, and the fact that they’re not particularly rare means that they don’t require the incredibly delicate handling required of very rare coinage.

The Morgan silver dollar is a great choice if you have the collector’s bug but haven’t yet made a purchase. They’re old, and there is a bit of a thrill in holding something with roots that go back over 100 years. They’re also widely available in conditions that showcase their original designs. They may have never taken off in popularity in their own time, but history has proven these coins to be popular and the silver markets have proven the bullion of which they’re made to be a very sensible investment for anyone.

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